Sun Infinite Energy is a new venture renewable energy solution provider with an initial focus on solar energy as a viable replacement to conventional energy sources in Egypt & the Region. Our main focus is the development of viable solar energy applications by customizing the available global technology to create a fit for purpose solution adjusted to the market's energy needs.

SIE was established in 2011 as a private shareholders company and has been working slowly towards knowledge building and creating a strong technical & commercial team that can pave the way for medium & large scale solar applications in Egypt & the Region.

SIE strongly believes that Egypt's energy shortage cannot, and will not, be solved without looking for possible alternatives to conventional energy sources. Egypt possesses an abundance of land, sunny weather and high wind speeds, making it a prime resource for three renewable energy sources: wind, solar and biomass. SIE will initially focus on Solar Energy plans to follow that with development know how into other renewable sources.

To achieve that SIE has made innovation an intricate & critical part of its vision and strongly believes that our young team of engineers has the stamina and will to shape the future of Energy in the Region.

5 takeaways from the 8th World Future Energy Summit

Saturday, 24 January 2015 17:29

The MENA region has long been he center of great expectations for the PV industry. From Monday to Thursday this week much of the global solar industry descended on Abu Dhabi for the 8th World Future Energy Summit. The big names in solar were in attendance and many remain bullish regarding prospects for the market. Here are five key themes running through discussions.

Chile heats up: SunPower and Enel add new power plants

Friday, 23 January 2015 20:24

Chile’s market for photovoltaic power plants is off to a hot start in 2015, with new 70 MW and 55 MW projects coming on line and Chile’s energy regulator, Sistema Interconectado Central (SIC), estimating the addition of as much as 1.8 GW this year.

Jolywood acquires Filmcutter's backsheet business

Friday, 23 January 2015 17:19

Chinese backsheet supplier Jolywood will acquire the backsheet business of Italian supplier Filmcutter. In doing so, Jolywood will expand its ability to supply non-fluoro-polymer PET backsheets.

UK added 700 MW of FIT-driven PV in 2014, figures show

Friday, 23 January 2015 16:39

Data from the Department of Energy and Climate Change reveals some 125,000 homes added solar to their rooftops last year, triggering latest FIT reduction.